Into CrossFit and visiting Kyoto?

Coming to Kyoto, there are many things to do! That, and as an avid CrossFitter, I can only assume you’ve maxed out your schedule with a 6:30am drop-in to CrossFit Shohaku, followed by a nice day of sightseeing throughout the city. But, what if you’d like a different flavor than the regular tourist attractions?

What are the regular tourist attractions?

Of course, coming in the spring, you should check out the beautiful cherry blossoms throughout the city, and especially Kiyomizu temple, overlooking the beautiful city. In Fall, you can visit Arashiyama, with the gorgeous changing leaves. That and the gold pavilion all year round!

But, lets imagine you have more time on your hands, you want to see something more local, or maybe you want to pack in as much as possible.

There are a million places to go, so I will just touch on ones for a few different types of people.

If into the outdoors, what are some good destinations?

While there are plenty of beautiful places to see in Kyoto, I’d highly recommend a short hike up Daimonji. This will offer a great view of Kyoto with a pretty short hike to start off a nice hike through the hills around Kyoto.

Of course, you can also take the stairs of Fushimi-inari. This as another good hike, can be a fun activity for anyone who likes both culture and an active lifestyle.

If into food and the culinary arts, where should you go?

There are plenty of delicious restaurants throughout the city, Kansai being particularly well-known for okonomiyaki. For the best shops, I recommend taking the trip to Osaka - but sometimes that will take too much time.

That being said, I think you should check out the karaage place down the street from CrossFit Shohaku after you drop-in!

Lastly, there is a high variety of ramen shops, foreign food, and pubs throughout the city. Contact us and we’ll give you as many recommendations as possible.

Where can I drop-in?

Of course, we are always accepting drop-ins, just head over here for reservations!